How to avoid damaging your natural hair

When I hear a sister say “I haven’t had a relaxer in years”, it makes my heart sing. I love that some of us are happily embracing our chemically free loose hair journey without a care in the world. From tiny winy Afros, coils, braids, two strand twists to the infamous Afro puff that we […]

Choosing A Sisterlocks Consultant……HOW?

Sisterlock Consultants…..WHERE ARE THEY? With just a click of a button, you can find us via “”. From Alabama to Wisconsin. Internationally in the Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Island, Jamaica to Kenya. All  “SisterlocksTM Consultants be it “Trainee, Approved or Certified” MUST and SHOULD ALWAYS be available via website consultant registry. PERIOD! If wanting anything […]

Sisterlocks and Interlocks. What’s the difference?

By now some of you have put the Yellow Pages down and have become an internet social media butterfly. Some of you have the passion and patience to do “some” research about any and everything you want and need to know about um… just about ANYTHING. Unfortunately there are some people who are impatient, don’t […]

Does Sisterlocks or Interlocks maintenance hurt?

  I used to complain about the pain I endured during and after a full loc re-tightening. Being that I am tender headed I thought it was me being overly sensitive. When I started allowing other Sisterlock consultants to re-tighten my locs, I then realized that it was not me. While you do feel some […]

How Hillary Clinton feels about Natural Hair

Hillary Clinton was asked a question about Natural Hair… as in Black women’s natural hair.  Her response was interesting…  For more information on natural hair please visit!