Deciding To Go Natural

Deciding to go NATURAL was quite challenging. I was afraid. Ashamed and quite honestly didn’t know how to accept ME. So here’s sisterlock-installation-and-maintenancemy short journey of my decision to go natural after 28 years of relaxers, curls (Jerri curls, wave nuveau), braids, weaves, glue, sew ins, micro braids, wigs, falls (half wig), hats, caps, lions and tigers and bears….OH MY!

In October 2010 I was convinced by my stylist to go a’la naturale'(lol). Like many black women, my ignorance blinded me of all the good things about our  natural versatile hair and I only thought about the negative stereotypes that have plagued us for hundreds of years. I had a slave mentality when it came to my hair. TOO BAD! TOO KINKY! TOO NAPPY!

After the big chop the following month, I began to worry. I didn’t know what to do with this, this tiny afro! I had at least 3 different textures and no idea of what products to use. After a few months of hiding under weaves and braids, I’d hit the jackpot. I found Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products. From the Curly Curl cream, the detangling shampoo, to the moisturizing spray. I’d tried the ENTIRE product line and I LOVE IT! But then curiosity go the best of me. It was as if everybody and their mothers were producing hair products to cater to African women who’d decided to embrace our natural hair state. I must say that got old, overwhelming, very expensive and crowded my bathroom counter space.

When I decided to take the plunge and loc my hair, I was CONVINCED and there was no turning back. Gone were the days of the 2 strand twist that I used too much product on and my hair hadn’t dried completely. The Afro that didn’t quite “fro” and the infamous “Afro Puff”. No more last minute updo’s and 50 different products. I just wanted a life where I could get up and go. I want to work-out, swim and play and not be confined by hair as many of us African women are. I found that when I finally locked my hair. The cost and the time was worth every minute and every dime.

So if you’re like me and just want to live a life not bound by your hair, then Sisterlocks may be just the style you need.


Certified Sisterlocks Consultant

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