Sisterlocks Retightening and Follow-Up

Sisterlocks Retightening

Sisterlocks Retightening and Follow-Up

Sisterlocks Retightening and Follow-Up is arguably the most important process of your Sisterlocks journey.  After you have made the commitment and investment in Sisterlocks, it is mandatory that you protect your investment.  You protect your investment in Sisterlocks by regularly scheduled maintenance and follow up.  I stress REGULARLY because over time sisterlocks tend to get frazzled and need separating.  This is why you must maintain your  Sisterlocks on a regular basis.  As your Certified Sisterlocks Consultant, I will help you avoid many pitfalls and headaches throughout your journey.  Together we will monitor the health and stability of your Sisterlocks while I correct any potential problems.   Failure to maintain your Sisterlocks on a regular basis can result in slippage, breakage, and all types of havoc.  You will also be in the chair longer than you have to.  We don’t want that do we?


The Sisterlocks™ Total Package Maintenance and Follow-Up

**Sisterlocks Retightening follow-up services are provided as a one-time standard part of the Sisterlocks™ total package.  We normally schedule a follow-up service approximately 4 weeks after your initial installation.  During this session you will receive a full Sisterlocks retightening.  The retightening sessions typically last under 3 hours.  The Sisterlocks retightening session may last longer based on the length of the Sisterlocks.

This retightening session is a part of your initial total installation package.  After this one-time session, retightening services are provided at a cost.

The fees for Sisterlocks and Interlocks Retightening can be found on our Sisterlocks Fees page.


New Clients

A consultation is not required for new Sisterlocks and Interlocks clients.  Because this may be our first appointment, I may ask to see current photos of your hair.  This allows me to estimate the work required for our retightening session.  I will then base the fee off of that information.

If upon your scheduled appointment I discover your hair and new-growth is longer than the photos sent to me, the fees may increase.  Again, please send current photos to eliminate any confusion.



*Sisterlocks™ method created by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell.

** Interlock Maintenance follow-up services are provided as a one-time standard part of the Interlock total package.