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Sisterlocks FAQ

Sisterlocks Frequently Asked Questions

Sisterlocks FAQ

Sisterlocks Consultants get asked tons of questions from time to time.  These Sisterlocks FAQ will answer the most commonly asked questions.  If you have a question that’s not answered here please contact me!


What are Sisterlocks™?

Sisterlocks™ is a natural hair management system that allows those with tightly coiled hair texture to enjoy the freedom of a wide range of hair styles without altering the natural physical state of the hair without chemicals or adding in hair. ALL OF YOUR NATURAL HAIR is used in the Sisterlock™ process.


How long should my hair be to start with Sisterlocks™?

1 1/2 – 2 inches of virgin hair is required to install Sisterlocks™.


Can men wear Sisterlocks™?

Yes, but we call them Brotherlocks™.


How do I properly choose a Sisterlocks Consultant for installation and maintenance (sisterlocks retightening)?

It is so very important that you seek a Certified, Approved Trainee or Trainee Sisterlock™ Consultant via the webite: On the website you will/should find Sisterlocks consultants available in the area in which you’re seeking to have your consultation, installation, etc. If a consultant’s name is not on the site, I suggest that you continue your search. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS!


How long does the initial installation take?

Installation time varies due to the individual’s hair texture, length and density. Typically the installation process takes 12 to 18 hours that are divided into 2 days. While the installation process is timely, rest assured that you will receive great quality work in a calm welcoming environment.


How much does the Sisterlock™ Package cost?

For Sisterlocks clients with hair 4 inches or shorter, fees start at $650.00.  Sisterlocks clients with longer hair are typically charged an extra $25-50 for every inch of hair longer than 4 inches.  For example, if your hair is 6 inches long you would typically be charged an installation fee of $700.00 (650 +25 +25).  Please see our Fees page for more info.


What about extensions?  Can I use extensions for Sisterlocks?

NO. The Sisterlock™ process does not require use of extensions to install Sisterlocks™ or Brotherlocks™. As stated earlier, YOUR natural hair is the ONLY hair used in the installation process.


What should I expect from a Certified and Approved Sisterlock™ Consultant?

This is a four step process…..

  1. The consultation details the intricacies of Siterlocks™. This is a one on one session which usually takes an hour between you and your consultant regarding your Sisterlocks journey. You will discuss your hair texture and history of your hair habits.The Sisterlocks™ video from our Sisterlocks™ HeadQuarters will be viewed so that you gain knowledge on how Sisterlocks™ were created. Sample locks will be installed in a section of your hair so that you get a realistic feel of how the locks feel and how to maintain them until your actual installation. Consultants loves an informed client so have your questions ready.
  2. Installation Day. 12-18 hours (hours are split in half days, example: 8 hours 1st day and remaining hours on 2nd day)
  3. 2 week follow up to shampoo your locks *
  4. 4 week Full retighten of your locks*

*Your Sisterlock™ Installation package includes the above aforementioned at no cost to you.


What about my hair type?  Is it right for Sisterlocks?

Ssterlock™ Consultants work with all hair types with a natural curl pattern. Those with fine or thin hair, no worries, your hair can be locked too. Those with fine hair typically takes longer to lock but with your regularly scheduled maintenance (sisterlocks retightening) your locks will mature and lock as well.


I’m a woman and my mind changes often… What if I change my mind and want my Sisterlocks un-installed?

This is why scheduling and consultation with a Sisterlock™ Consultant is so very important. By detailing your hair habits, styles, etc, with your consultant he/she will be able to detect if Sisterlocks™ are right for you. Ultimately it IS your decision.


Can I re-tighten my own Sisterlocks once the installation is done?

Sisterlocks™ does offer re-tighten classes for customers with Sisterlocks™. It is suggested that you allow your SisterLock™ Consultant maintain your retightenings for the 1st 6 months.


I love that creamy crack and have a perm on my head, Can I get Sisterlocks?

Yes. However 1 1/2 to 2 inches of new growth is needed in order to install your locks. The relaxed hair is not locked and will eventually be trimmed off as your locks mature and grow.


I have traditional locks, can I still get Sisterlocks?

No. Your traditional locks will have to be cut off.


Will Sisterlocks damage or thin my hair?

On the contrary. Sisterlocks™ works wonderful with thin hair. The Sisterlock™ method is a non evasive, non chemical process that for some clients with thin hair, their locks fills out. You’re no longer tugging, pulling or stressing the hair with tight braids, and sew-ins. Your locks are free to breathe.


What does it mean when the locks settle?

This means the locks will soon mature. In the beginning stages of your locks, the parting is very visible and there is chance of slippage (locks coming down) depending on the texture of your hair.


Should I color my hair before or after I get Sisterlocks?

Yes. It is highly suggested that you color your hair before your initial Sisterlock™ Installation.

What products do I use on my Sisterlocks™, Brotherlocks?
Once your locks are installed the ONLY product you should use on your locks is the Sisterlock™ Starter shampoo. This shampoo is designed to help with the maturing/locking process of your locks. As part of your installation package you will and should receive a full wash 2 weeks after installation. As my client you will receive a full wash and the SisterLocks Starter kit that includes the Starter shampoo. It is imperative that you refrain from using other hair products unless prescribed by a physician. We want to avoid any issues with your locking process.