Interlocks Installation is the biggest and longest process of your Interlocking journey.  This is where your patience will be tested!  Don’t worry, we will make the most of it and have fun along the way!


Your Interlocks Package

Interlocks Consultation

Interlocks Installation
Nice and Clean Locks

As with the Sisterlocks Package, the most important process of your Interlocks Package is the consultation.  Typically lasting 30 minutes, this session will allow me to get to know you and your hair.  With the knowledge gained during this informational session, I will be able to perform an Interlocks process custom designed for your hair…because after-all, no two heads of hair are alike!  During this consultation, you will attain a better understanding of the Interlocks process and what it entails.  We will also discuss any questions you may have, including:

…and any other questions you may have.


Interlocks Installation

After a completed consultation, we will begin your Interlock installation at a pre-determined scheduled appointment.

For Sisterlock and Interlock installations, a $100.00 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required two days after scheduling your appointment.  Payment is required upon completion of services.  For services requiring multiple days, full payment is required at the end of the service on the first day.


Just as an artist uses blank canvas to create beautiful works of art, a Interlock Consultant must begin installation on a clean and healthy head of hair.  To ensure a successful installation, please adhere to the following *guidelines as follows:

The Interocks Installation session is a private session, during which no guests are allowed to accompany clients during services.  There are some exceptions to this rule but typically this rule applies to all Interlocks Installations.  This process takes several hours at a time so we must do everything possible to ensure the process is a pleasurable and enjoyable  experience for the both of us.


Interlocks Maintenance / Follow-Up

In addition to your Interlocks Consultation and Installation, the complete Interlock Package includes the following:

If these guidelines are not met, a rescheduling of your installation appointment may be necessary.


Cost of Interlocks

The fees for Interlocks Installation can be found on our Cost of Sisterlocks and Interlocks page.

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