Sisterlocks and Interlocks. What’s the difference?

By now some of you have put the Yellow Pages down and have become an internet social media butterfly. Some of you have the passion and patience to do “some” research about any and everything you want and need to know about um… just about ANYTHING. Unfortunately there are some people who are impatient, don’t have the time and would rather take the word from others instead of researching or confirming what they need to know.

So let’s get to the topic. What are Sisterlocks? 20151103_153949

Sisterlocks are tiny uniform locks that are the result of a precision parting grid, and the use of a specialized tool used to place the hair into its locking formation. Sisterlocks also consist of at least 400 locks or more.  Most importantly Sisterlocks are installed by trained consultants who has taken the Sisterlock class and is listed on the Sisterlock website as a “Certified, Approved or Trainee Consultant”. Visit to find a consultant in your area.

interlocks-installationWhat are Interlocks?

Interlocks are larger uniform locks and that are installed via freeform by grabbing parts of the hair and starting a locking method, parting hair for a more cleaner look or brick-layering. Like Sisterlocks, a tool is used to place the hair into its lock formation. You do not have to be a Sisterlock Consultant to install Interlocks. Should you choose to have someone other than a Sisterlock Consultant install your interlocks, I HIGHLY suggest you research that stylist work by asking for pictures of his or her work.

While both styles are nice and contained, some of us still face issues in the work place (especially corporate) with having locks. With Sisterlocks, I can attest that this is not an issue. These small formed locks go un-noticed specifically in it’s beginning stage. The short curly locks are sometimes mistaken as a short curly afro or small “braids”. None is the wiser that locks are actually forming. Even lengthy Sisterlocks can be curled via roller sets (perm rods, lock loops, pipe cleaners, etc). Please refrain from using curling irons on your locks as you can scorch/burn your locks and damage it’s natural state. Interlocks are slightly larger and are noticed more. Now that society seems to be more accepting to us returning to our natural hair, its not as challenging to wear our tresses “locs” Interlocks as it was before.


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